Multiple endorsements from a NCEA (level 2) programme

Imagine our young Māori learners (rangatahi) studying a culturally responsive programme, where they receive multiple endorsements at NZQF level 2.

Most whānau and communities will think of NCEA at level 2 and maybe the alignment to Vocational Pathways (VP). The most common VP is the Service Industries that many of our rangatahi study – especially in our low decile secondary schools:

Achievement vs Unit - NZ Maori
New Zealand Herald article

Most will study unit standards – because, ‘let’s be honest’ achievement standards have proven too difficult to teach.

Maybe this is where whānau and communities need to re-align their thinking? At the end of the day, we study to get employment – right?!

However, just having NCEA (level 2) doesn’t exactly boost the competitive value of landing a job when compared to someone who has NCEA (level 2) with Merit or Excellence.

What happens if our rangatahi could show an employer that they have multiple educational endorsements? Thus making the competitive value of landing a job an even playing field.

The New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga (level 2) qualification can be a 60 credit programme, and if mapped correctly it will have unit standards that can meet the Creative Industries VP award requirements. By adding an additional 20 credits that meet the literacy and numeracy requirements of NCEA (level 2) – our rangatahi can complete a culturally responsive programme that is driven entirely by tikanga and gain the following endorsements:

  1. New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga (level 2)
  2. National Certificate in Educational Achievement (level 2)
  3. Vocational Pathways Award (Creative Industries)


WTK?! Make #learning choice👍


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