Māori Framework based on the Legends of Māui

Māui has been exposed to most New Zealanders, Māori and non-Māori alike through popular stories of the late author [Peter] Gossage. For this reason, the legend of Māui versions written by Gossage will provide the content to build a Māori framework.

Legends of Māui: Māori Framework for Education

Gossage wrote six stories that will provide the learning content to develop a Māui Framework:

  1. How Māui found his Mother
  2. How Māui found his Father and the Magic Jawbone
  3. How Māui found the Secret of Fire
  4. How Māui Slowed the Sun
  5. The Fish of Māui
  6. How Māui defied the Goddess of Death

This approach of using stories to form a framework is a concept known to Māori as kōrero pūrākau (Walker 1978). Telling stories was perhaps the most popular activity in traditional Māori society. The Ministry of Education (2016) highlights the importance of kōrero pūrākau which can be used to explore concepts of Māoritanga. Additionally, the popularity surrounding Gossage’s stories provides a starting point for mainstream education, as every iwi (tribe) may have a differing version.




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