Māori students do much better when…

Ka Hikitia (Ministry of Education, 2014) acknowledges that, ‘Māori students do much better when education reflects and values their identity, language and culture’ (p.6).

Context: Te ao Māori

There is reason to believe that tikanga and te reo opportunities that mainstream education provides for young Māori learners is in a mainstream context and not in a te ao Māori context (Nepe, 1991). An example of young Māori learners doing ‘much better’ could simply be learning that occurs in the context of a Noho Marae or Wānanga (Lee, 2008), rather than a standard classroom.



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  • Ministry of Education (2014). Ka Hikitia Accelerating Success 2013 – 2017. The Māori Education Strategy, Ministry of Education, Wellington.
  • Nepe, T. M. (1991). Te Toi Huarewa Tipuna: Kaupapa Maori, an Educational Intervention System. Department of Education. The University of Auckland, Auckland

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